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You are looking for a photographer who shares a passion for brunch, artistic expression, and a love for life. You are laid back, love to laugh, and couldn’t care less about the latest trends. You believe in all sorts of equality (the marriage-kind being one of them). And maybe most important of all, you’ve taken a gander at my galleries and you like what you see. Let’s be friends.Write here...


Monica Valenzuela


I currently live in Gowanus, Brooklyn with my boyfriend and rescue cat. I am a proud, native New Yorker, loving living in Brooklyn. I also show love to my hometown of Staten Island on a regular basis. I have also spent some time in the Hudson Valley, Utah, and the Netherlands and is am always down to travel, especially if it means eating!

When not taking photos, I can be found wandering second-hand thrift stores, watching “movies with a strong female lead” (according to Netflix), driving classic cars (88 Honda Civic, baby!), drinking seltzer, eating her body-weight in olives and cured meats, and/or organizing artists and art events in and around NYC.